CAM-D Drop-in Activity Night


ISNA Mosque - 2200 South Sheridan Way Mississauga, ON L5J 2M4

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Sunday, 4pm-7pm


  • To be aware of peers and make everlasting friendships
  • To express oneself in a relaxed environment
  • To participate in group activities
  • To enhance one's abilities


  • Arts & Crafts- Painting, Sculpting, Building
  • Science Experiments- Planting, Chiselling, Cooking
  • Technology- Movie Night, Computer Games, Exploring Internet
  • Sports & Games- Board Games, Organized Sports, Exercise
  • Community Outings- Neighborhood walks, Going to the theatre, Playing at the bowling alley
  • Prayer

Meal Plans:

  • Paper Bag Lunch- Bring own Snack
  • Potluck- Bring favourite snacks to share with group!
  • Order In- Order favourite snacks
  • Dine Out- Eat snack at nearby restaurant during outings

Brief Description:

The Sunday Drop-In Program is geared toward youths and adults with various forms of exceptionalities. They are supported by both male and female staff members.  Staff members act more as friends than an authoritative body.  Participant's interests, abilities, and needs are taken into consideration. Their safety and well-being is a priority.

Each Sunday, participants partake in different recreational activities of their choosing.  They are given the opportunity to skill build, work alongside peers, initiate friendships, communicate at their level in a free and relaxed environment.  Participants' attention span, behavioral pattern, diets, likes/ dislikes, as well as physical needs are addressed throughout the session.

Sunday Night Drop-In is not mandatory and participants can attend at their convenience. The program is leisure based and interest driven.  It is all about being oneself, having fun, and making friends!!

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