CAM-D Task Force on Residential Services

An important long-term priority is to develop an Islamic model of residential services. We wish  to ensure that individuals with intellectual disabilities are supported in a culturally and spiritually respectful environment when their family members can no longer provide a safe place for them to live.  We recognize that life evolves as a result of extenuating circumstances, illness or death. We know that many families find themselves in crisis when something happens to the caregiver. We wish to prepare for the future of our community's most vulnerable members.

Intellectual or developmental disabilities and other severe disabilities are the appropriate terms to identify a cognitive limitation and other differences in physical development. These may include disabilities resulting from Autism, Down syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy. Many individuals with intellectual disabilities require care full-time and are supported primarily by their families.

Residential Services conventionally include group homes where a small group of individuals with disabilities live and are supported by support workers and other staff through an agency like a local association of Community Living.

CAM-D conducted a questionnaire in 2012 with families across Ontario lead by a multi-disciplinary task force. We are developing a model based on the questionnaire results and other research. Stay tuned for updates.


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